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False Ceiling

VOX Soffit Infratop

The trend of the flat and simple looking ceiling has lowered from the past years. Now people look for some more unique, valuable and attractive roofing for their home. We have a better and innovative solution for making the plain-looking ceiling attractive. That is none other than is the false ceiling, an innovative and better replacement for an old and boring ceiling.

We are introducing the Infratop soffit system which is developed in the way that every detailing of innovative VOX solutions introduces a new quality of the false ceiling for roof and house finishing. By keeping in mind its aesthetics and functional design, the false ceiling has become practical for roof finishing method. Infratop soffit system is a faster, easier and reliable method for installing a false ceiling. It gives your home an excellent and complete look finishing. It is an ideal product for roofing in regards to durability and resistant to weather conditions.

VOX PVC soffit is a convenient and economical substitute for the wooden and metal soffits.

False Ceiling Benefits :

➢ The perfect finish : Vox soffit false ceiling gives your product quality, comfort and astounding finishing to your home. It doesn’t require much maintenance and not only it hides imperfection of the roofing but also perfectly matches the other finishing house.

➢ Favourite terrace : What could be a better way to start your morning day and office work by sitting on the home or office terrace sipping a mug of coffee while working on the laptop. Colourful and unique looking false ceiling can make that spot your favourite. Most of us value these moments if it is the comfort of your house and office.

➢ Cosy Atmosphere : In cloudy weather or winter season, most of us love the comfort and cosy places in our own home. If that place is filled better lightening so it makes the atmosphere feel more cosy and secure. Vox soffit false ceiling gives you the opportunity to install lighting that will be able to hide the cable in between the ceiling as per your expectation and also other structural elements of the rooftop.

➢ Practical and styles : Vox is the best false ceiling brand product which gives you the desired look for your home. It’s not only styles and appealing to the eyes but also gives product quality which lasts for years without damaging. It has 30 years guarantee and can smoothly withstand the changing weather conditions and biological corrosion. It can be a perfect aesthetic finishing for carports. It comes with an innovative design that is concealed ventilation panel. It will give you wider options for using lighting and makes your ceiling look more styles and beautiful.

➢ Ventilation guarantee : Infratop false ceiling provides you with adequate ventilation and removes moisturiser and improves air circulation. With the ventilation opening feature, it protects the roof from getting moist, fungi and mould in the winter season. It also protects against wasp, insects and bumblebees and hornets.

Infratop Nature

Natural collection panel is made up using advanced technology known as thermoprint technology. It is mainly available in two variant colour such as Golden Oak and Walnut. This technology makes it look like natural wood and it protects from the sunlight and mechanical damage.

Infratop Unicolor

These are available in white, brown and graphite. But other than that also is available in different colours as per your requirement.

We are the Flooring Impex company located in Bangalore, deals in Vox brand false ceiling and provide services with expected satisfaction from our clients. We focus on our client’s needs, satisfaction and values. We provide the solutions that support our clients in creating and developing their roofing of the house. We help you to build your own desire home. We provide false ceiling and roofing services in Bangalore.

For acquiring false ceiling products or rooftop services in Bangalore and for further assistance about our services, you can give us a call or write us a mail asking for our services.

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