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Fiber Cement Boards

Fiber Cement Boards

Fibre cement boards are considered the best option for lightweight Wall and Partition building material in the construction industry. It is not limited but used in many construction projects such as Wall cladding, fibre cement board roofing and creating internal Partitions for the building. It is a convenient option for building fast and efficiently and is a better option than other material such as plywood. Fibre cement boards consist of having its two primary materials- fibre and cement. These are composite substances made up of sand, cellulose fibres and cement. It is more precisely composed of portland cement with glass-fibre mesh on the surface.

Fibre cement boards stand strong in the presence of moisture and water leaks. It has excellent moisture absorbing and drying properties which makes them stand out as weather change resistance.


Technical Specifications :

Property : We provide the best quality Everest fibre cement board and Shera fibre cement board brands. These come with excellent properties such as:

➢ Fire resistance properties
➢ Durability
➢ Moisturisers resistance properties
➢ Physical properties such as flexural, modulus of elasticity, screw withdrawal strength, apparent density
➢ Weather-resistant
➢ Immune to water damage
➢ Provides sound insulation
➢ Shatter-resistant
➢ Low shrinkage
➢ A high degree of workability
➢ Termite resistant

Colour variance : We provide a wide variety of colour variance for fibre cement board services in Bangalore

➢ White
➢ Grey
➢ custom colour

Thickness : Fibre cement board comes in a thickness of 6mm to 24mm.

Areas of Application :

➢ Internal / External Walls
➢ Internal Wall linings
➢ False Ceiling
➢ Eaves & Soffit Lining
➢ Facia and Duct Coverings
➢ Prefabricated Shelters

What are the benefits of fibre cement board for your building, home and properties?

➢ Aesthetics : Adding Fibre cement boards on your building exterior and interior application make it look aesthetically appealing. It provides comfort one can seek for. It’s two primary elements- cement and fibre which produced naturally hence don’t harm nature. It is an environmental safety and quality product for various applications. False-ceiling, exterior wall cladding, internal partition walls of the building made up of fibre cement board and comes in various colours texture which makes it alluring. It is low-weight but strong enough to hold accessories and all types of lighting.

➢ Minimal maintenance required : Fibre cement boards require low maintenance and long-lasting durable products which make a building, house and property more attractive. It has great aesthetic appeal as it removed the usage of wood, stone etc materials. It does not require frequent re-painting.

➢ High- weather resistance : In winter duration, you would definitely want a cosy, warm and comfortable safety for your house. Fibre cement boarding and siding prevent your precious properties and home from weather hazards. It also prevents creating mould and mildew on the building interior and exterior due to moisturizer in the winter seasons. Fibre cement boarding and siding protect the building better from mould and mildew as compared to any other material used for siding. You will definitely not see your house covered in mould and mildew and critters hence you should visit fibre cement boarding and siding company near you for protecting your house.

We are India’s most trusted Flooring Impex company with our various services in wooden flooring and fibre cement boarding services located in Bangalore. We have started our journey since 2000 with a vision of a perfect and integrated fibre cement boarding solution for our customers. With our expert team specialize in fibre cement boards services in Bangalore, provides utmost services to our clients as per their request.

If you are also searching for fibre cement boards service online in Bangalore so you can contact us for further assistance on our services or you can also write us a mail requesting your wants or give us a call directly to know more about our fibre cement boards services and how we can help you with the same.

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