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Laminate Flooring

Product Description

  • Edge finish : Bevel
  • Overall thickness : 8mm/10mm/12mm
  • Wear thickness : 0.30mm
  • Usage : Residential & Commercial

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the best products of Armstrong laminate flooring available in Bangalore. We provide our laminate flooring services in Bangalore, dealing with Armstrong wooden flooring which is the best U.S brand and comes with the best qualities in the market.

Laminate wooden flooring comes with various excellent qualities. It balanced both good looks and durability features. Buying laminate wooden flooring is worth it, it values your money. In the decided budget, you can expand your decorations ideas and qualities.

Laminate wooden flooring becomes an extremely durable product with its multilayer design and construction features. It has some awesome features. Each layer assures its benefits. It is a resilient product which resists scratches, fadeless and it is easy to clean.

* The wear layer protects against fading, stains and surface burns. It is easy to clean and a clear layer of aluminium oxide.
* The image design layer includes a high-resolution photograph of the floor’s surface appearance and style and comes with numerous looks from the burnished swirls of natural hardwood to the earthen textures of ceramic or stone tiles. Anything you can virtually imagine styles and appearance.
* The inner core layer is a high-density fiberboard which provides stability and strength to the flooring.
* The back layer is found beneath the inner layer. It works as a moisture barrier and protects the floor from warping.

We are the Flooring Impex company based in Bangalore, deals with U.S Armstrong flooring brand’s products.

Abode Laminate Flooring

Our Abode laminate flooring collection provides high quality, welcoming spaces defining warm and rich design. DecorArt Abode has a cushion layer which features greater underfoot comfort and has an elegant slate and stone looks which ranges from deep topaz to rich amber and also having decorative concrete, and metal options.

Abode laminate flooring specifications :

* Abode laminate flooring has an award-winning printing technology which creates more clear and vibrant floor design.
* Its design layer contains UV inhibitors that give sunlight protection. Its remarkable embossing technology stimulates natural depth and texture look.
* Superior performance structure resists surface spills or moisture from the floor. The density of the HDF HydraCoreTM is greater than 900 Kg/m3 with a swelling rate of 12%
* It avoids noise and sound creaking when you walk on the floor.
* Adobe laminate wooden flooring is as durable as it is capitative available in colour variations and its design captures the dramatic beauty of the natural hardwood.

Ambience Plus Laminate Flooring


Ambience laminate wooden flooring comes with richly textured and deeply grained planks. Thes flooring ranges from contemporary colours to rustic shades of hardwood floors. Micro bevel edges are rendered in some of the shades to emphasize each plank. The durable commercial AC4 wear layer protects flooring against stains, fading, scuffs and scratches and it is guaranteed for 15 years of residential applications.

Ambience Plus Laminate flooring specifications :

* It doesn’t require any glue and the process of installation is very quick and less expensive.
* Armstrong ambience laminate flooring gets installed over existing floors with removing old floors.
* The floor is easy to wipe stains and spills of any liquid.
* It has its own formulated cleaner with no required rinsing while mopping. All you need to spray the cleaner on the floor and can mop easily.
* It comes with high-density fibre for superior performance at 948.3Kg/m3 with a swelling rate of 8.22%.
* The wear layer is AC4 range which can smoothly attend more than 4000 cycles.

Ethos Laminate Flooring

Ethos laminate flooring includes two variations - EIR (Embossed in Register) and HD (Hand Sculpted) gives an appealing and mesmerizing look which will evoke a desire in you to touch the floor. With subtle variations, distinct grain, realistic features and an embossed texture give a feel of the natural world. If you look for your business office flooring so as a result, Ethos flooring will be your best choice. Ethos laminate flooring is capable of surviving years of scratching, rubbing and spillage. It is as tough as nature. Aqua seal layer protects the flooring against water spilling.

Ethos Laminate flooring specifications :

* Ethos HS laminate flooring uses specialized technology which ensures that the laminate includes an intricate, embossed texture and sculpted edges and ends.
* On the hand, ER provides depth, texture and natural look on the floor by aligning the embossing with printed design.
* The laminate aqua seal is resistant to the water spills.
* Both EIR and HS come with a warranty of 25 years for residential purposes and 10 years for commercial purposes.
* It has a two-step installation process which is easier and faster to complete and it does not require any glue and tapping while installation.

Grand Illusion Laminate Flooring

Grand Illusions Premium Laminate floors have the compelling, strong qualities of hardwood with stunning domestic designs. It comes with vibrant shades and is completed with flawless finishing and micro bevels. It grants a truly unique and polished look. Grand illusion laminate flooring gets installed in two steps with no requirement of any kind of glue in the process. Hi-definition print technology gives the most realistic flooring in the market with vigorous colours which creates an illusion of intense depth.

Grand Illusion Laminate flooring specifications :

* Grand illusion laminate flooring has rated highest in the performance for residential purposes. It protects against surface spills, stains, fading and easy to clean floor.
* The core is technically advanced which creates a moisturiser barrier and delivers superb dimensional stability.
* It is eight times more resistant to normal scratches and dings and dents than other produced wood with the anti-bacterial surface. It has a 30 years residential warranty in the industry.
* It comes with two step-installation processes only which is an easier and quicker process.
* You can easily mop and clean the floor with a vacuum or sponge for daily routine care.

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