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SPC Flooring

Product Description

  • Appearance : Wood grain, stone pattern
  • Overall thickness : 5.0mm ; 6.5mm
  • Wear thickness : 0.30mm, 0.5mm
  • Lock type : 5Gi locking system

Armstrong SPC Flooring

SPC (Stone plastic composite) flooring is another best product of U.S flooring brand, Armstrong flooring. It can be the best choice for the homeowners as its flooring decoration looks realistic.

Wood Grain : It is a fusion of melodious nature-friendly and fashion. It is identified for its elegant colours and clear textures, regardless of space design for home decoration.

Stone pattern : It is a mixture of simplicity and elegant texture which brings unique decoration to the floors. It enables one to find true self; grace and tenderness with composure without the outside hustle-bustle.

Stone plastic composite (SPC) is also called as RVP (rigid vinyl plank) in Europe and the United States. Extrusion moulding is created by professional equipment under high temperature after being heated and mixed by additives including PVC powder, mountain flour, plasticizer and stabilizer.

Välinge 2G folding lock system - Properties and advantages

▎It is a powerful fastening force
▎Välinge 2G folding lock system is easy to install
▎It has strong locked force longitudinally and horizontally
▎The floor installation is quite easy with no damages at all
▎You can walk freely on the floor without being afraid of causing any floor noise as it Minimizes the risk of floor noise generated

Valinge 5G-i Push Down System - Properties and advantages

▎ Valinge 5G-i Push-Down System is easy to install process
▎It comes with a one-piece lock catch with powerful fastening force
▎Valinge 5G-i push-down system has optimized lock catch design which reduces the risk of causing damage to the floor during the installation process
▎It is compatible with materials with different thickness to a certain degree

SPC Selling Points

➢ SPC flooring has sound dimensional stability. It doesn't deform and expand and easy to use and maintain
➢ It has amazing features such as water-proof and moisture-proof
➢ With SPC flooring at your home, you don’t even need to worry about protection against insects and termites, mould and mildew. It is a full resistant package for all of these
➢ It is an environmental-friendly flooring, without harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, low TVOC
➢ It is a low-weight, totally free of using heavy metals and recyclable
➢ It comes with astounding features such as the sound-absorbing bottom and excellent sound absorption performance
➢ It is laced with surprising features such as B1-level fireproof, self-extinguishing in case of fire without producing any toxic gases
➢ It is simple to construct and easy to install without any damage with optimizing installation cost and time

SPC flooring is the best product of Armstrong flooring U.S based brand. We provide SPC flooring services in Bangalore with amazing benefits and features. We give you the exact comfort of your home as you desire. Serving our flooring services in Bangalore has made us achieve the satisfaction of our clients. We don’t provide only our flooring services but value your money and time.

You can directly call us on the mentioned contact number or send us a mail on our email requesting for further assistance regarding Armstrong SPC flooring services. We will be glad to provide you with our flooring services.

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