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Sports Flooring

Product Description

  • Thickness : 4.5 / 6.5 / 8.0 mm
  • Wear thickness : 0.45 / 0.80 mm
  • Roll width : 1.8 m
  • Roll length : 20 m
  • Weight kg / Sqm : 3.03 / 4.89 / 6.3

Armstrong Sports Flooring

Armstrong sports floors are made up of extremely durable materials. We ensure that while using for daily use, it doesn't tear up or get damaged. We have incorporated the latest technology in our sports flooring which makes them easier to clean and remarkably user-friendly.

Armstrong sports flooring is considered environment friendly and highly hygienic product among our customers. You can easily clean the flooring and have a low maintenance requirement even under any weather circumstances.

The wear resistance sports flooring surfaces are long-lasting and available in numerous design, shape and colour options such as- wooden sports flooring available in colours like Maple, Ash and Peach.

Their textures colours are available in Jade Green, Jade Blue and Weave Red which are quite attractive looking textures.

The comfort series sports flooring available in various colours such as Pebble Red, Pebble Orange, Pebble Green, Pebble Grey, Pebble Sky Blue and Pebble Navy Blue. You can also order sports flooring in other colours as per your liking.

Indoor Sports

An indoor sports flooring requires a smooth surface and should cushion the players enough to have force reduction while playing games. It also protects players from getting slip or injuries on the surface and should have great force resistance. Smooth surface with enough force resistance flooring can be a great deal for the inner sports arena, gym and health club.

Outdoor Sports

The Armstrong athlete flooring can be installed on every outdoor sport existing surface. Its multilayer surfaces are not only durable but also resistant to water, easier to clean and low maintenance required. You can use Armstrong outdoor flooring for outdoor sports such as basketball, badminton and many other sports. The reason is it is flexible to oppose temperature variations.

Armstrong Athleta

Post Installation :

* Don't walk on the seam sealer to protect these areas for the first 24 hours, once new flooring gets installed.
* It requires new flooring to keep it at the room temperature to 20 C or more than that to set up adhesives properly for at least 2 days after installation.
* There should be rolling of heavy objects directly on Vinyl's newly installed floor for 5 days. Because it can compress the vinyl and adhesives. You would not want any kind of permanent footprint or tent of an object on the floor once it gets set up.
* You can wash the floor after 5 days, it can cure the set up adhesives

Regular Maintenance :

* You need to sweep and vacuum the floor frequently to get rid of dust, sand and grit particles. Never use a vacuum with a beater bar or scrub brushes as it can make a scratch on the floor.
* You can mop the floor with clean water using good cleaning products instead of sleeping as it doesn’t remove dust properly .
* You are required to wipe the spilt liquid or water on the floor immediately if it gets on the floor using the same technique the way you wash the whole floor.
* Use non-staining, walk out mat outside of the floor and never use harsh cleaners, soaps, paste waxes, or solvents on your vinyl floor.
* If the floor looks dull, you are required to use the manufacturer recommended floor polish to get a shiny look again.

If you are the owner of a stadium, gym or health club, you must need our Armstrong sports flooring for smooth and comfortable for your athletes and customer’s better performance. Besides, it gives an exotic and unique look and appearance with great benefits to your stadium surface.

We provide easy installation and services with your comfort. You may contact us through direct call or mail us. We will definitely be happy to provide you with Armstrong sports flooring services in Bangalore and would like to become a part of your satisfaction and happiness as we appreciate our customers' satisfaction.

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