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Vinyl Flooring

Product Description

  • Type of flooring : Solid vinyl plank
  • Edge finish : Square finish
  • Overall thickness : 1.5 / 2.0mm
  • Wear thickness : 0.2mm
  • Size : 152.4 X 914.4 mm
  • Packing details : 24 / 32 Pcs

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the best and popular flooring products of the U.S flooring brand, Armstrong. Armstrong vinyl flooring is an innovative and modified product that is the incredible combination of realism and comfort with features such as durability and affordability. Armstrong vinyl plank and tile (LVP and LVT) are available in various natural looks. Vinyl flooring with Diamond 10 Technology makes your floor look better, newer and durable, fit perfect for every room of your home. Ceramic and stone vinyl add a natural good look to your home and decorated to emphasize detailing. The classic wood-inspired options, designed with authentic grains, knots, and textures flawlessly imitate the most subtle qualities of wood. And on top of all, luxury vinyl flooring is a 100% water resistance.

Vinyl flooring can be used for most high- moisture areas of a home such as a kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. It is easier to clean as well.

Diamond 10 Technology

It’s new. Revolutionary. And it’s made from one of the world's hardest substances: cultured diamonds. Innovative Diamond 10® Technology makes sheet vinyl flooring more scratch, scuff and stain resistant. It also repels dirt, making clean-up a breeze.

Vinyl Style

Luxury Vinyl Tile
* Casita
* Natural creations
Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Armstrong Casita

Armstrong Casita is a luxury vinyl plank which exhibits the qualities of wood and is available in artful stunning shades. It is ideal for the homeowner. It has dimensional stability, flexible and residual indentation. Armstrong casita is strongly resistant to water, fire and slipperiness. It is smooth to walk on without slipping on it. It doesn’t release chemicals and easy to clean any kind of stains. These design planks are hard wearing and durable goods, and last longer.

Installation process :

* The underlayment part should be dry, clean and smooth. It should be free from paint, varnish, oil and wax. The adhesive and materials should be conditioned at room temperature prior to 48 hours of starting of installation of the flooring. The materials should be protected from coming in direct contact to the heat.
* We use Armstrong’s recommended adhesives that Arobond 44 of Arofine polymers for the casita.

Maintenance for Casita :

* We would like to recommend you to sweep or vacuum casita vinyl flooring thoroughly
* You should use dilute neutral detergent solution for mopping the floor
* Don’t wash the floor just after installation, only after 4 to 5 days
* Any stains, dirty spots can be removed using spot scrubbing
* Don’t let any material of the floor come directly into the sun heat

Armstrong Natural Creation


Armstrong natural creation is a classic version of luxury vinyl flooring. It is full of luxurious and inviting essence, natural creation vinyl flooring creates the warmth you desire while developing a persona in any space. It is a popular collection of variable features such as classic grain patterns, unique wood-inspired designs and rustic finishes of the flooring. Our ContinuumTM Solutions gives you the adjusting options that can easily be adapted with other interiors, applications and finishes.

Characters and features :

* The Armstrong vinyl flooring comes with an attractive structure and construction with square edge finishing
* The vinyl flooring is an extreme resistance of fire and slipperiness. It creates enough friction to walk you on the floor smoothly without slipping on the floor
* It does not contain any chemical, environment friendly
* It includes great features such as dimensional stability and residual indentation
* It is stylish, durable and the price of the vinyl flooring is quite affordable

Installation procedure :

The subfloor should be dry, clean and perfectly smooth and free from paint, varnish, solvents and any foreign materials. All the floor materials and adhesives should be conditioned on room temperature before 48 hours of starting of installation. The maintenance is quite low as compared to any other materials in the market. It requires a vacuum and sweeps thoroughly with diluted neutral detergent solutions. The Armstrong flooring comes with 5 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

Armstrong Perspectives Plus

The vinyl flooring perspectives collection lets you select the wider range of trending colours and patterns within your space. The heterogeneous sheet flooring is suitable for Healthcare patient rooms, cafes, corridors, colleges, union centres and group lounges which look for realistic and detail finish design.

Armstrong's perspective collection inspires your desire for space. It is created and developed using advanced diamond 10TM technology. There are multi-benefits of using diamond technology for vinyl flooring.

* Easy to clean : Water and oil-based pollution doesn’t infiltrate the flooring. It has an economical and quicker way of cleaning the flooring with low-maintenance.
* Tough as Diamond : It has uniquely formulated with an industrial diamond which creates a stronger and tougher coating on the floor.
* More Durable : It is resistant to scratches, the coating of the floor is double on an average against the competitors. It provides satisfactory user experience once you install the flooring at your home.
* Anti-Chemical : It is easily washable and tolerable with daily detergent uses. This technology prevents the flooring surface from getting damaged from any kind of chemicals.

Armstrong vinyl flooring developed with all these formulated and advanced technology provides excellent user satisfaction and experience. It is easy to install, chemical and scratches resistant features and full of variant different colours and textures availability makes it more satisfactory and popular. We have dealt with U.S Brand Armstrong flooring and shared and provided our services to many clients from the past decades and are still ongoing with better features and benefits, quality products and services.

We give you the ultimate experience and comfort of your life with our flooring services. We help to build your dream home. We the flooring Impex company situated in Bangalore operating since 2000.

If you are searching for flooring services nearby or online for best flooring services hence, you can directly mail us or contact us through the contact details in our website for further assistance regarding flooring services in Bangalore.

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