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Wall Panel

Your home, as new. It’s that simple!

If you are planning a home renovation, tired of living in a plain and simple home so we have brought you the best product in the market that is none other than innovative and effective Vilo wall panel. It can change your life for the better. The vilo wall panel price is affordable, quick and trouble-free and easy to install for making your home walls beautiful. It makes you refresh your home walls easily. It saves your time and money both. You don’t need to waste your time in painting, plastering and wallpapering your wall decor. Now you just need to stick the motive panels to the wall and install it and its range of patterns can surprise as you can adjust the room as you desire. These wall panels are water-resistant and easier to clean. You can apply these wall panels at any corner of your houses such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and hallway. The cost of the wall panels is reasonable and affordable for your pocket. It will serve you for years, thanks to the wall panels durability features and comes in various patterns.

Trending collections of Vilo wall panels

Modern wall panels collection

If you look for the latest trends wall panel so this one is the best for you. The combination of toned-down colours and bold texture of the panels will make your home look fashionable. Its design has been inspired by traditional materials and artistic fantasy.

➢ Motivo Modern : The Vilo motivo wall panels series has been inspired by natural wood. The colour and texture will make your place warm and cosy. These motivo wall panels are extremely versatile, will suit any room walls of your home. Some great colours are light wood, blue plank and sunny plank. You can also choose a color you desire for your wall panels.

➢ Brick Pattern wall panel : The brick walls have trended over the years and become the ultimate choice for the many home interior designers. With motivo wall panels, you can have these trending, beautiful brick walls in your home. These brick pattern wall panels can be used for many areas of the home, it defines the character well. It’s not only available in white and red but numerous other patterns such as Old brick, Loft brick, Redbrick, Ornament, white and street brick which gives your house a modern and classy look.

➢ Classic collection wall panels : These classic collection wall panels are more appropriate for comfortable style and timeless design. The colours and texture make your home decor stylish and harmonious. It comes in various varieties of wood colours and textures, making your home look comfy and cosy. Natural brown makes the wall look warmer whereas grey shades colour wood pattern gives a fresh look. Ashy, Antique, toffy, rosewood etc are a great example of classic wood collection walls.

➢ Fun collection wall panels : Our fun collection wall panels give the freedom of expressing yourself. How you want to express your space. It includes original, diverse and bold colours and full of strong motives. Some of the best colours and textures involve flamingo, plant-based and brick patterns. But this is not all, you can choose colours and texture as you desire for the home decoration.

➢ Self-adhesive trim B6 has a universal usage. This trim perfectly connects the wall panels to each other from the corner and helps with finishing. You can get various ranges of trim colours.

➢ Dedicated trim Vilo B1-B5 is a specific application for assembling the motivo wall panels. It is used for connecting the wall panels from the ceiling. You can choose a matching or suitable trim colour for the wall panels.

Installation Process

The installation process is done using Adhesive and using a frame. Adhesive installation is pretty quick and easier directly to the wall. The frame is required for the uneven wall. It requires to build the wooden frame at the surface of the uneven wall to make it even and for installing the wall panel to the wall.

Kerradeco wall system

We also deal with the Vox wall panels product with the European VOX company. Their Kerradeco wall system is an ideal substitute to traditional solutions of the wall decoration such as MDF boards, ceramic tiles, plaster and wallpaper etc. Kerradeco wall system is resistant to the water, moisture and impactful for the sound insulation, non-inflammable and a durable wall panel system.

It is durable and lasts longer than a 10 years warranty. Kerradeco wall panel is perfectly safe for the environment and does not release the toxic substance. With this durable wall panel product, you can design all interiors in the home. Kerradeco wall system gives the wall a modern and custom finish. Its structure and design fit with your interior.

Kerradeco wall panels are ideal for the business, hotels, restaurant, bars, cafe, offices. It has a quick and easier installation process which doesn’t consume much time.

Kerradeco wall system technology descriptions :

➢ Kerradeco wall panels are made up of innovative technology which includes the cutting-edge techniques and engineering process. The wall panels material consist of two-layer and made up of specially designed polymer material.

➢ It offers various range of colours and wall surface finishing with the customized pattern. Its advanced technology gives the bespoke pattern printed on panels.

Wall panels layers :

➢ The bottom layer has uniformity and density of the cell base. It is achieved by the special modifiers used in the forming technology. And that’s how it becomes water resistance, mechanically strengthful, dimensional stability and works a long life.

➢ The top layer is made up of a hard polymeric surface, forming the base for a thermally applied pattern and finishing done with digital printing. Its structure provides a realistic, natural pattern and is protected by UV- cured lacquer. This top layer is scratch resistance and easy to clean.

VOX Wall panels

Benefits :

➢ It is easy to install hence, saves time and provide additional design options

➢ It includes two installation process that is installed directly on the wall using adhesive and mounting to wooden battens

➢ The trim availability is perfectly matched to the wall panel

➢ It is ready to use immediately after the installation

➢ Installing with screws, it reduces irregularity of wall

➢ You can use this wall panel in the shower room due to water resistance quality

➢ It is a lightweight product, scratch resistance and non flammable

➢ It does not contain lead and tin, resistance to the UV rays

We provide complete wall panels design and installation services in Bangalore. The Flooring Impex based in Bangalore provides and deals with best flooring, wall panels, ceiling, fiber cement boards and wall cladding services in Bangalore. We believe in providing services with the ultimate solution to our clients. We have started our journey in flooring, wall panels, cladding and other efficient services since 2000 with a vision of creating and providing integrated experience and solutions to the customers.

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